In case you need to contact me privately, I have created a PGP key for mccap AT  You should be able to retrieve this key over the https link above and gain some assurance that it is authentic.  The key fingerprint is:

5FC7 4E45 8AF6 9B5E 519A  D553 5EC3 D358 30D5 7BDB

If you want to learn more about Pretty Good Privacy, please check out the Wikipedia page.

Although some might say it weakens my security to disclose the steps I’ve taken to protect the private key, I think it’s an interesting topic and I’d like to post a bit about it.  I’ve set up the private key to live inside an encrypted home directory on my netbook, which stays with me most of the time, protected also by a strong passphrase.  There is a backup of the private key on a USB flash memory stick partition encrypted with LUKS.  This stick is kept off-site in an undisclosed location.

I read and compose encrypted mail using Mutt locally on my netbook, downloading messages from GMail over their IMAP service interface.  Mutt can natively transmit the mail back to GMail over TLS-protected SMTP.  Mutt integrates nicely with Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) which comes as a Debian package.

I’ve also uploaded the key to the major PGP keyservers.  Please note there is an older revoked key floating around too which shouldn’t be used.  I had an accident while re-installing Linux and lost that private key.  Always have a backup!

Load up the key, and please give it a try!