First Post

Welcome to the Free Overnet Foundation blog.  This will be an occasional series of notes on network governance, the economy, and politics in general.  The Foundation is an attempt to bring together a group of like-minded individuals for promoting freedom and individual human rights on the network, and this blog will serve as a focal point.  Eventually, we will open up the Foundation but for now membership is via invitation only.  Only members may post comments here.  Until the spammers figure it out, anyone is free to send e-mail to, where “username” is the handle used in the blog.  Mine is “mccap”.

About me: my name is Peter J. McCann.  I am currently serving as the Chair of the Foundation.  I’ve been active in network protocol standardization for more than ten years, and I’ve come to hold some strong opinions on how the network should be run.  My politics are basically libertarian, although moreso: I think with the right civil society institutions in place, the private sector is capable of taking on many of the tasks we now entrust to governments, including the enforcement of private contracts and safeguarding the public against fraud.  Charity is important, but it should be voluntary instead of compulsory.  We all have a moral obligation to end violence in the world, including that perpetrated by governments on our behalf.

Please read our mission statement to get a better understanding of our goals.  More to come.